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DUI with Xanax – Case Dismissed
Trespass and Disorderly Intoxication – Case Dismissed
Battery – Case Dismissed
Felony Controlled Substance Possession – Case Dismissed
Driving Under the Influence – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft – Case Dismissed
Resisting Arrest With Violence – Case Dismissed
Battery (Domestic Violence) – Case Dismissed
Cannabis Possession – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving – Case Dismissed
Assault – Case Dismissed
Arson 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Racketeer/Conspire – Case Dismissed
Organized Fraud/50K+ – Case Dismissed
False Insurance Claim/100K – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery/Attempt – Case Dismissed

What Florida’s Medical Marijuana Laws Don’t Allow

The moment that many Floridians have been waiting for has finally arrived. Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that will allow for the implementation of Florida’s medical marijuana program, a program that was approved by voters in November of 2016. However, while Amendment 2 suggests that the program will be comprehensive, Florida state lawmakers […]

Three Reasons Why Eye Witness Testimony is Unreliable

Typically, those who have been brought up on criminal charges do have at least one individual that acts as an eyewitness to the events that lead to the criminal charge. The eyewitness can usually identify the person who was charged with the crime. While it is understandably upsetting to learn that an eyewitness is […]

Think You Know What Aggravated Assault Is?

Have you been charged with aggravated assault? Are you unsure of what that charge actually means and what the possible consequences of such a charge are? If so, than our criminal attorneys in Miami want to share some important information with you.

Aggravated Assault Defined

As per Florida Statues, Section 784.021, aggravated assault involves four different […]

Accused of Cyberstalking? Don’t Let the Police Search Your Phone

If you have been accused of cyberstalking, the last thing you should ever do is hand over your phone to the police. No matter what they promise you, even if that promise if having the charges dropped, don’t give into the temptation of letting the police search your phone.

Why shouldn’t you give the police […]

What Kinds of Testimonial Privileges Do You Have in a Criminal Case?

Are there certain privileges that protect us from the testimony of others in a criminal law court? Although most individuals understand such basic rights as immunity from self-incrimination, it’s less common knowledge that laws exist to protect one from the testimony of others in specific circumstances. Our Miami criminal defense lawyers have tremendous success […]

Want a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida? We Can Help!

Like most Florida residents, you’ve heard about medical marijuana on the news recently but have no clue how the system works.  If you want a medical marijuana card in Florida, call one of our Miami criminal defense attorneys and find out if you’re entitled to a card under the new law, (305) 615-1285.  Qualified […]

How The Necessity Defense Works in DUI Charges

In some circumstances, a person facing DUI charges in the state of Florida may claim their driving under the influence was necessary because of some emergency-type situation. Not only has our Miami criminal defense firm dealt with situations where these exceptions applied, but we’ve been successful in winning these cases.

This type of exception was […]

Do Inmates Need Access to the Internet?

The decision by some states to give convicts internet access wasn’t an arbitrary or haphazard decision. In a world where it seems as if life is changing exponentially faster, keeping inmates away from technology could cause society more harm than good. Yet out of all the US states, there are only four which allow […]

Who Can’t Own a Firearm in Miami? A Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains

Florida is one of the more lenient states in terms of firearm possession laws. Miami does not require residents to have a permit should they decide to purchase shotguns, handguns, or rifles. Carrying a handgun does however require a concealed carry permit.

Our Miami criminal law firm has dealt with countless cases relating to gun […]

When You Have to Give a DNA Sample – Call a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve ever watched crime television shows, you’ll be quite familiar with the idea of DNA sampling for the purpose of allowing law enforcement to match a suspect to a crime scene.

Florida Statues, Section 945.325, are clear on just how important DNA databases have become for modern criminal investigations. Not only are they used […]

When DUI Becomes a Felony in Miami

If you’ve been arrested on DUI charges recently, you may have considered asking a Miami Criminal Lawyer any number of questions. One of these might be, “When is driving under the influence a felony?” If your circumstances have involved any one of the following, it’s an important question:

You have prior convictions of DUI […]

Marijuana Possession Penalties in Miami, Florida

If you keep track of the news, you know that marijuana has been a topic of intense debate over the last year in Florida. Our criminal lawyers in Miami know this all too well. So what’s all the fuss? Presently marijuana is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance, meaning that the FDA doesn’t consider […]

Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL – Laws in Miami

If you’re facing drug possession charges in Miami, you may have an underlying drug problem you are unaware of. Most non-users don’t understand the real challenges drug addicts face on a daily basis. You may know people who are still under the assumption that drug addicts are simply lazy or weak-willed.

Of course the truth […]

Your Defense to Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Miami Criminal Attorney

What is often called “assault with a deadly weapon” in other states and on TV is just called aggravated assault in Florida. It is defined under Florida Statute 784.021. Assault with a deadly weapon in Florida involved either the use of a deadly weapon or an intent to commit a felony.

Assault with a deadly […]

Signs Your Criminal Lawyer in Miami is Not Working for You

In the United States, everyone has a Sixth Amendment right to the “effective assistance of counsel.” That means we all have the right to a legal defense. The courts can’t force you to stand trial against the state without an adequate legal defense, ensuring you can defend yourself. We all have the right.

Anyone who […]