Miami Criminal Attorney Explains Your Right to Protest in Florida

Miami Criminal Attorney Explains Your Right to Protest in Florida

There is a lot of protesting going on right now, particularly with some of the things that President Trump has been doing. These organized protests are happening all over the country and that includes Florida.

But you need to know what your rights are as well as your responsibilities when it comes to protesting; that way, if you are unfairly treated by law enforcement or kept from your legal right to protest in some other way, you will know your rights.

You may need the services of a Miami criminal defense lawyer in some cases, because a Miami criminal attorney can protect your rights if they are violated during a protest. Here is what you need to know about protesting in Florida.

First, you have every right to protest in Florida. Every citizen of the United States has the right to peaceful protest. However, the government may decide where, when and in what fashion protests can be held in the interest of public safety.

You also have the right to speak freely and say pretty much anything you want. The only thing that you do not have the right to do is try to incite a riot or provoke people into illegal activity. Also, malicious speech against public officials is not protected by the constitution.

You also have the right to march and act, including chanting, holding signs and any other actions you care to take, as long as they are not illegal. You can also peacefully engage with those watching the protest or people protesting the other side. However, you cannot block the entrances to buildings and you cannot physical harass people. In addition, you may not protest on private properly unless you have the permission of the person who owns that property.

Protesters may still find themselves at odds with law enforcement and sometimes, they may even be arrested, even if they are following all of the rules of protest. If that happens, you need to find a criminal attorney in Miami that understands protest law and the rights afforded by the constitution. If you are arrested in Miami due to protesting, marching or any other peaceful action guaranteed by the constitution then you should call a Miami criminal attorney right away. We can help you fight for your rights and make sure that the police do not overstep their bounds.

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