Marijuana delivery services are taking off! And it is no surprise that this new service is proving to be a success! It’s quick, easy and convenient for consumers.

Following the legalization of medical marijuana in California, dispensaries opened up in order to provide qualified patients a safe and comfortable place to obtain their medical marijuana.  However, the recent emergence of marijuana delivery services may just make those dispensaries a thing of the past!

California’s most popular marijuana delivery service is known as Speed Weed.   The company has about 25 drivers, a delivery area of about 6,000 square miles and multiple offices around the Southern California area in order to meet delivery requests in a timely manner.  When patients need a refill on their supply of marijuana, pre-rolled joints, and pot-infused edibles, they either place a call to Speed Weed or use Speed Weed’s website to place an online order.  Within an hour, a driver pulls up to the patient’s home carrying a white paper bag filled with the patient’s order and leaves the order with that patient.  It’s quick and easy.

Speed Weed is not the only marijuana delivery service in California.  In fact, there are hundreds of them!  Their popularity may be attributed to the added convenience and safety they bring to consumers.  However, they are also cheaper to run than actual shops and storefronts.  The rise in marijuana delivery services could also be attributed to recent legislation in Los Angeles.  Recently, the city of Los Angeles approved Proposition D, which focuses on reducing the number of dispensaries in the city.  Since then, about 200 stores have closed.  Because of this, many owners of closed stores have decided to start marijuana delivery service operations in order to make the most of unsold inventory.

As of right now, California medical marijuana laws do not prevent the establishment of delivery services.  However, some cities are starting to take action against the delivery of marijuana.  For example, Riverside has banned all marijuana delivery within its city limits.  Even the city of Los Angeles has claimed that the newly passed Proposition D prohibits delivery businesses, however the city has yet to prosecute any marijuana delivery services that are currently operating within the city.

Although some cities are starting to preclude the emergence of these delivery services, the benefits of these delivery services should not be overlooked.  Because most neighborhoods are eager to eliminate the existence of dispensaries within their neighborhoods, delivery services provide a viable substitute.  Marijuana delivery services can provide an alternative to those unwanted storefronts and still provide a means to supply patients with their needed medical marijuana.

Quick, easy, convenient and more appealing – what more can you ask for? Without a doubt, marijuana delivery services are the way of the future – so, take a back seat dispensaries!