When we think of dangerous crimes, we typically think of street crime: muggings, shootings, robberies, assaults, and so on. However, it is actually nonviolent corporate, AKA white collar, crime that inflicts more damage on society than all the violent street crime combined.

White collar crime includes offenses like fraud (healthcare, credit card, bank, immigration, mortgage, etc.), money laundering, practicing or contracting without a license, forgery, tax evasion, employee theft, and embezzlement.

Fraudulent crimes are among some of the most expensive in The United States. Healthcare fraud alone costs Americans between $100 and $400 billion every year and savings and loan fraud costs anywhere between $300 and $500 billion.

Corporate crime can also be violent, even though you might not expect it. An estimated 56,000 Americans die every year on the job from occupational diseases and tens of thousands of Americans die due to pollution, food contamination, hazardous products, and medical malpractice.

What we can gather from these staggering statistics is this: Corporate crime is tremendously serious and therefore needs to be handled by experienced criminal attorneys like those at Pagan & Stroleny P.L.

Due to the detrimental nature of white collar crimes, those who are convicted as white collar criminals are in desperate need of high-quality, proactive legal counsel, just like someone who is convicted of murder or theft. If you’re involved in white collar crime, you should remain silent until you’ve received counseling from your criminal defense attorneys. White collar crimes can lead to imprisonment charges of five years or more, depending on the crime.

It takes special expertise to handle white collar crime and Pagan & Stroleny P.L. have that knowledge. When white collar crimes are handled by federal authorities, specialized legal services become even more imperative, because these cases can get extremely complex when they go to trial. Pagan & Stroleny P.L. ensure to become familiar on the context of every single case, whether it’s embezzlement or insurance fraud.

The criminal defense services of Christopher Pagan and Julian Stroleny are some of the best you’ll find in Miami. These two Miami criminal defense lawyers have years of experience in investigative work, motion practice, trials, misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs, and more. They also have excellent negotiation skills and the passionate dedication to protecting clients’ rights throughout prosecution.

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