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Juvenile Crimes Law Firm Miami, FL

Juvenile Crime is any crime committed by a child or minor. If a child is arrested and charged with a juvenile crime, consequences may arise that can affect the child’s reputation and future school and employment prospects. A juvenile crime defense attorney can work to dismiss your child’s juvenile charges, have your child’s records sealed or expunged, or secure an alternative resolution to jail time. A criminal defense attorney can help first time child offenders avoid jail time and other harsh penalties by utilizing special programs designed specifically for first time offenders. Additionally, a child can be arrested and charged as an adult.

A direct file is the transfer of a juvenile to adult court by the prosecutor; the juvenile court judge has no authority over the transfer. There are two types of Direct Files: Mandatory and Discretionary. Mandatory direct file occurs when a child of 16 years of age or older commits a certain crime and state law mandates that the child be tried as an adult. In cases where Mandatory Direct File applies, there are no exceptions to the rule. Discretionary direct file gives the prosecutor the ability to file charges for certain crimes against a child of 14 years of age or older in adult court.

If your child has been charged with a Juvenile Crime, it is important to seek a Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in juvenile crime immediately. Juvenile crimes can follow your child into adulthood, which could affect their opportunities for employment and education in the future. Studies have found that youths commit juvenile crimes based on a variety of factors, including peer pressure, parent criminality, social isolation, family conflict, mental illness, or a troubled home life. The juvenile crime attorneys at the law firm of Pagan and Stroleny are experienced in juvenile crime, and they understand that these outside factors can significantly influence young people and lead them commit criminal offenses.

An experienced juvenile crimes attorney can help to ensure that the mistakes your child makes as a youth do not follow them throughout life and destroy their opportunities for success as an adult. You can depend on the criminal law firm of Pagan and Stroleny’s juvenile defense lawyers to protect your child’s rights and, in turn, protect their future as an adult.

Contact Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys Christopher Pagán and Julian Stroleny to schedule a free consultation to learn about your child’s legal options. As former state prosecutors, Christopher Pagán and Julian Stroleny have the experience necessary to handle your child’s juvenile crime case. Call Pagán & Stroleny, P.L. at (305) 615-1285 today for all of your Miami or Broward Criminal Defense needs.

Experienced Miami Criminal Defense attorneys, Christopher Pagán and Julian Stroleny can help you and your child throughout the entire legal process. Pagán & Stroleny will work with you and your child during the criminal defense process to ensure the best possible outcome.



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