Former Miami Mayor Carlos Alvarez pleaded not guilty on charges of domestic violence last Wednesday in Miami Dade County. Alvarez allegedly grabbed and pinned his ex-girlfriend, who he had been involved with for over ten years, against the wall and spat at her. According to the arrest form, Alvarez developed a pattern of violence ever since he has been out of office. The former Miami mayor is currently out on bail and is anxious to get his side of the story out.

What is Domestic Violence?

The former mayor was charged with domestic violence battery. To better understand the term, it is easier if it is broken down. First, domestic violence is a charge brought against one household member by another household member. A household member could be any person that you are related to by blood or any person who you have lived with and acted as a family in the past or continue to do so today. The second part of the term is the offense, which covers, but is not limited to, charges including assault, battery, sexual battery, and kidnapping. In this instance, Alvarez faces battery charges. Battery can occur in two situations. The first is when you actually and intentionally touch or strike someone against their will. The second is when you intentionally cause bodily harm to another. Putting it all together with what happened here, the domestic violence distinction can be attributed to the long and intimate relationship Alvarez shared with the victim. The alleged battery will likely fall under the first half of the statute and occurred when Alvarez pressed the victim against the wall against her will.

How can your Miami Criminal Attorney help you?

Altercations with your family are private matters that can become very public when a domestic violence charge is brought against you.  Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. is a South Florida criminal defense firm that has handled numerous domestic violence cases in the past and is ready to help you. Don’t go through these troubling times alone and contact our office for experienced Miami criminal defense attorneys today at (305) 615-1285.