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2nd Degree Murder – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery by a Law Enforcement Officer – Case Dismissed
Attempted Murder – Case Dismissed
DUI with Xanax – Case Dismissed
Trespass and Disorderly Intoxication – Case Dismissed
Battery – Case Dismissed
Felony Controlled Substance Possession – Case Dismissed
Driving Under the Influence – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft – Case Dismissed
Resisting Arrest With Violence – Case Dismissed
Battery (Domestic Violence) – Case Dismissed
Cannabis Possession – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving – Case Dismissed
Assault – Case Dismissed
Arson 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Racketeer/Conspire – Case Dismissed
Organized Fraud/50K+ – Case Dismissed
False Insurance Claim/100K – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery/Attempt – Case Dismissed

Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains, In Grand Theft Cases, State Must Prove Value of Stolen Item

In Florida and Miami, theft is a felony offense and is referred to as ‘grand theft’ when the object stolen is worth $300 or more. If the property that was stolen is valued below $300, then the offense is considered a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor theft cases are referred to as “petit thefts”. There are significant […]

Petit Theft Charge? How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

In the state of Florida, a petit theft refers to the taking or using of property that is valued to be worth $300 or less.  The property or item must be taken with the intention of depriving the owner of the property temporarily or permanently. In Florida, the crime of petit theft constitutes a […]

Arrested for Grand Theft in Miami? Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Miami
In Miami, grand theft is a felony offense, and can include serious penalties and have a lasting impact on your life. Because a grand theft charge is so serious, obtaining the representation of a criminal defense attorney is highly recommended.

What is Grand Theft in Florida?

Per Florida Statute, Section 812.014, grand theft is […]

Retail Stores Begin Using Facial Recognition to Stop Theft

Criminal Attorney in Miami
In an age of increasing surveillance, yet another level of technology is being added to the growing list of surveillance methods employed by companies and police alike: facial recognition. Walmart is one of the first companies to do so in the US, though its system is currently only in its test […]

Consequences of a Petit Theft Arrest

Petit Theft Lawyer
The State of Florida is known around the country for its tough stance on crime, and the case is no different with Petit Theft. Petit Theft or Petty Theft is used to describe taking or using property valued at under $300 without permission of the rightful owner. In today’s fast paced environment […]

Florida Law on Theft Crimes

Theft is a criminal offense punishable by law and occurs when a person takes or uses another person’s property.  Theft is proven when an individual knowingly obtains or uses the property of another with intent to deprive the other person of the a right to the property or with intent to appropriate the property […]