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2nd Degree Murder – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery by a Law Enforcement Officer – Case Dismissed
Attempted Murder – Case Dismissed
DUI with Xanax – Case Dismissed
Trespass and Disorderly Intoxication – Case Dismissed
Battery – Case Dismissed
Felony Controlled Substance Possession – Case Dismissed
Driving Under the Influence – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft – Case Dismissed
Resisting Arrest With Violence – Case Dismissed
Battery (Domestic Violence) – Case Dismissed
Cannabis Possession – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving – Case Dismissed
Assault – Case Dismissed
Arson 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Racketeer/Conspire – Case Dismissed
Organized Fraud/50K+ – Case Dismissed
False Insurance Claim/100K – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery/Attempt – Case Dismissed

Defendant’s Confession Alone is Not Sufficient for a Conviction in Miami

When you are facing any form of criminal court case, it is crucial that you have a full understanding of the charges and your rights. It is a common misconception that the law exists in order to keep normal citizens ‘in line’. In reality, the law is designed to ensure the pursuit of justice […]

Courts Take Technical Probation Violations Seriously…And You Should Too

Unfortunately, many people currently on probation feel they are at a safe distance from serving jail or prison time. However, they may find themselves behind bars if they violate the terms of their probation. Some of these violations may be obvious, such as committing new crimes. But if you are in the wrong place […]

I Took a Plea. Can I Withdraw My Plea? Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains

At Pagan & Stroleny, P.L., we are no strangers to defendants and clients that wish to change their plea after the fact. It is quite common for defendants to change their mind as to how they wish to proceed, especially after they have spoken with a professional Miami criminal lawyer and learned more about […]

Are Drug Dogs Used in Searches Reliable? A Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains

The way that a police officer needs to go about handling an arrest is very sensitive and highly complex. There are certain things that a police officer may and may not do and if they don’t follow the precise protocol then the results from their actions may include the case being thrown out of […]

When DUI Becomes a Felony in Miami

If you’ve been arrested on DUI charges recently, you may have considered asking a Miami Criminal Lawyer any number of questions. One of these might be, “When is driving under the influence a felony?” If your circumstances have involved any one of the following, it’s an important question:

You have prior convictions of DUI […]

Getting Your Name Off the Sex Offender Registry – Call a Miami Criminal Lawyer

Getting your name off the sex offender registry is extremely important to some people. Nothing is worse in the eyes of some than to be listed as a sex offender. Even if you can explain why you’re a sex offender to some people individually, you will walk around with that label and people will […]

First Degree Murder Charges Require Premeditation – Miami Criminal Lawyer

In the majority of states, including the state of Florida, first degree murder charges are defined as a killing that is unlawful and both premeditated and willful. This means that the murder was committed after a certain amount of time to plan it. Timing is frequently an important factor here.
What Constitutes First Degree Murder?
When […]

Arrested While on Vacation in Miami? Call a Miami Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested while on vacation in Miami, don’t chance anything. Get in touch with a Miami criminal lawyer. You don’t want to have a lingering charge or spend time involved in the criminal justice system when you may not need to. Your first call should be to a good criminal law attorney […]

At What Point Does the Hot Pursuit Doctrine Apply in the State of Florida?

The general rule is that police need a search warrant or the homeowner’s consent to search a property for evidence of drugs, gun, or criminal activity. There are a few exceptions, however. There is one notable exception, and it’s called the hot pursuit doctrine. The hot pursuit is one of many types of cases […]

Rising Heroin Fatalities in Miami-Dade – Miami Criminal Lawyer

Florida continues its battle with heroin addiction and fatalities are on the rise. In Miami-Dade County, there have been 236 heroin overdoses recorded in 2015.  One county in Florida reported that in 2014 there was a massive 40% spike in fatalities that involved heroin. In that one region, there were 36 additional deaths from […]

Early Termination of Probation – You May Be Able To Get Released From Your Probation

When you are found guilty of a crime, you are often sentenced to probation in addition to, or in lieu of, jail time. But did you know that in some instances, you may be able to get released from your probation in the State of Florida before you have reached the actual end of […]

What is Forgery in Florida? A Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains

In Florida, counterfeiting and forgery are considered felonies and can consequently result in severe penalties. Such charges have serious ramifications for those accused and should be handled by an experienced Miami criminal lawyer. So, if you or someone you know is being investigated for forgery, you should immediately schedule a free consultation with a […]

Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains Evidence Collection for Sexual Assault and Battery Charges

The laws dealing with the collection of evidence in sexual assault cases have undergone some important revisions recently. Effective from 1 January 2017, Bill 636 will impact the way evidence is collected in pending sexual offense cases.

This makes it crucial for those accused of such crimes to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable Miami […]