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2nd Degree Murder – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery by a Law Enforcement Officer – Case Dismissed
Attempted Murder – Case Dismissed
DUI with Xanax – Case Dismissed
Trespass and Disorderly Intoxication – Case Dismissed
Battery – Case Dismissed
Felony Controlled Substance Possession – Case Dismissed
Driving Under the Influence – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft – Case Dismissed
Resisting Arrest With Violence – Case Dismissed
Battery (Domestic Violence) – Case Dismissed
Cannabis Possession – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving – Case Dismissed
Assault – Case Dismissed
Arson 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Racketeer/Conspire – Case Dismissed
Organized Fraud/50K+ – Case Dismissed
False Insurance Claim/100K – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery/Attempt – Case Dismissed

DUI for Prescription Drugs? Be Careful!

Miami DUI Lawyer
When a person hears that someone was charged with a DUI, chances are they immediately think the person was driving under the influence of alcohol. However, DUIs also include people who drive under the influence of both illegal and legal prescription drugs. This is because both illegal and legal prescription drugs can impair […]

Can Police Search My Cell Phone Without a Warrant? Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains

In this day and age, we rely on our phones for a lot. Most of us do not leave home without our phone, ever. Also, our phones contain a ton of private and sensitive data, from bank accounts to social media accounts, and everything in between. With all of this information being stored on […]

Criminal Lawyers in Miami Explain How to Get Medical Marijuana in Florida

On November 8th, 2016, Florida passed Amendment Two. This was known as Florida’s Medical Marijuana Initiative, and as the name suggests, it allows access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. The law passed with 71% of voters approving the bill, however it has been a time-consuming process attempting to implement the new rules.

In fact, the […]

Police Can Detain a Person Asleep in a Vehicle for a DUI in Miami

In Miami, police are required to have some evidence of criminal activity in order to detain someone and proceed with an investigation. This is true for drug related crimes and DUIs.

In one recent case in Florida, police witnessed an individual slumped in a car, sitting in the driver’s seat. The individual was parked at […]

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Entrapment in Florida Drug Cases

When a regular citizen finds themselves on the receiving end of a criminal court case, it can be a normal response to feel rather helpless and even victimized. It can feel as though the ‘force of the government’ is being brought down upon you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

But as […]

Florida’s Extreme Response to Opioid Epidemic

The United States is suffering from an opioid epidemic. Almost 80 people die of an opioid-related overdose daily. Over 30,000 Americans died in 2015 because of an opioid overdose. We have this crisis in America today because pharmaceutical companies push these drugs on people and doctors overprescribe them. They’re highly addictive. People addicted to […]

Three Reasons Why Eye Witness Testimony is Unreliable

Typically, those who have been brought up on criminal charges do have at least one individual that acts as an eyewitness to the events that lead to the criminal charge. The eyewitness can usually identify the person who was charged with the crime. While it is understandably upsetting to learn that an eyewitness is […]

Accused of Cyberstalking? Don’t Let the Police Search Your Phone

If you have been accused of cyberstalking, the last thing you should ever do is hand over your phone to the police. No matter what they promise you, even if that promise if having the charges dropped, don’t give into the temptation of letting the police search your phone.

Why shouldn’t you give the police […]

Want a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida? We Can Help!

Like most Florida residents, you’ve heard about medical marijuana on the news recently but have no clue how the system works.  If you want a medical marijuana card in Florida, call one of our Miami criminal defense attorneys and find out if you’re entitled to a card under the new law, (305) 615-1285.  Qualified […]

Do Inmates Need Access to the Internet?

The decision by some states to give convicts internet access wasn’t an arbitrary or haphazard decision. In a world where it seems as if life is changing exponentially faster, keeping inmates away from technology could cause society more harm than good. Yet out of all the US states, there are only four which allow […]

When You Have to Give a DNA Sample – Call a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve ever watched crime television shows, you’ll be quite familiar with the idea of DNA sampling for the purpose of allowing law enforcement to match a suspect to a crime scene.

Florida Statues, Section 945.325, are clear on just how important DNA databases have become for modern criminal investigations. Not only are they used […]

Difference Between Wrongful Death and Murder – Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

There are different kinds or “degrees of murder” in the United States justice system. There is capital murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and so on. How a person is sentenced really depends on the intent and severity of the crime. How and why the justice system charges people with murder is sometimes […]

Vaping and Hash Oils – Explained by a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Though the use of marijuana in the city of Miami – and throughout the entire state of Florida – remains controversial, using it on a medical or recreational basis has become more commonplace and more acceptable. In fact, the same can be said throughout the United States. At present time, medical marijuana has become […]

Your Right to Remain Silent When Arrested – Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Chances are even if you have never been arrested you have heard of Miranda rights. These rights are what are read to anyone who is being arrested and include the right to remain silent. However, you may not realize what this right to remain silent truly means for you if you are ever being […]

Will Domestic Violence Charge be Dismissed if the Victim Does Not Want to Prosecute?

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Miami, then you need to reach out to a Miami criminal defense attorney. A criminal lawyer in Miami is going to know the law and the lay of the land, and they will be able to walk you through the whole process. If you don’t want […]

The Federal Safety Valve Rule Can Avoid Serious Prison Time

Legislators who want to show their constituents that they are tough on crime push for provisions supporting mandatory minimum sentences. However, this takes the authority away from judges to use their discretion to take into account complex situations that may not merit such a harsh punishment. First-time offenders for drug charges can, in some […]

Get Felony and Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed With a Pretrial Diversion Program

Getting hit with a felony or a misdemeanor charge can create a major disruption in one’s life and create a crisis. A criminal record can be a substantial impediment in finding a job and can cause social problems. Having a charge can be a tremendous weight and can increase the defendant’s stress level. It […]

A Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains What to Expect at Arraignment

When you are arrested in Florida, after your first appearance or bond hearing, you generally have an arraignment. Typically, this will happen within 2-3 weeks of your arrest. In some jurisdictions it can be months before your arraignment.  If you have hired a Miami criminal defense attorney, they will likely be present at your […]

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains a Mistrial

If you ever have to get a Miami criminal defense attorney, you definitely want to understand the basics of how the court system works. One of the things that could happen to your case is a mistrial, a rare occurrence, but still an important one to understand. A Miami criminal defense attorney can help […]