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2nd Degree Murder – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery by a Law Enforcement Officer – Case Dismissed
Attempted Murder – Case Dismissed
DUI with Xanax – Case Dismissed
Trespass and Disorderly Intoxication – Case Dismissed
Battery – Case Dismissed
Felony Controlled Substance Possession – Case Dismissed
Driving Under the Influence – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft – Case Dismissed
Resisting Arrest With Violence – Case Dismissed
Battery (Domestic Violence) – Case Dismissed
Cannabis Possession – Case Dismissed
Reckless Driving – Case Dismissed
Assault – Case Dismissed
Arson 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Racketeer/Conspire – Case Dismissed
Organized Fraud/50K+ – Case Dismissed
False Insurance Claim/100K – Case Dismissed
Grand Theft 1st Degree – Case Dismissed
Sexual Battery/Attempt – Case Dismissed

Using Drug Court to Avoid a Jail Sentence – Miami Criminal Lawyer News

Over the last 25 years, state legislation has been increasing legal measures to address the ongoing war on drugs. Both Federal law and State statutes require a minimum mandatory sentence for high level drug crime charges. Drug crimes are usually considered serious felonies and the government does not hesitate to  convict drug offenders. This […]

When Doing a Favor Becomes Drug Dealing – Criminal Lawyer in Miami

The government has been combatting drug trafficking and use for decades. Florida has been enforcing aggressive federal and state measures since Miami’s infamous drug bout in the earlier 1970s. Today, the State of Florida is on the forefront in law enforcement against the drug trade.

Drug crimes in Florida and Federal Courts carry penalties and […]

Drug Offenses and License Suspensions – Miami Criminal Lawyer News

A sizeable number of people contact a Miami criminal lawyer because they have been accused of a drug offense. But, how do these drug offenses affect your driver’s license? How and why would your license be suspended due to a drug offense? If you are a Florida driver, then you probably already know that […]

Criminal Lawyers in Miami Explain How to Get Medical Marijuana in Florida

On November 8th, 2016, Florida passed Amendment Two. This was known as Florida’s Medical Marijuana Initiative, and as the name suggests, it allows access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. The law passed with 71% of voters approving the bill, however it has been a time-consuming process attempting to implement the new rules.

In fact, the […]

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Entrapment in Florida Drug Cases

When a regular citizen finds themselves on the receiving end of a criminal court case, it can be a normal response to feel rather helpless and even victimized. It can feel as though the ‘force of the government’ is being brought down upon you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

But as […]

Are Drug Dogs Used in Searches Reliable? A Miami Criminal Lawyer Explains

The way that a police officer needs to go about handling an arrest is very sensitive and highly complex. There are certain things that a police officer may and may not do and if they don’t follow the precise protocol then the results from their actions may include the case being thrown out of […]

Florida’s Extreme Response to Opioid Epidemic

The United States is suffering from an opioid epidemic. Almost 80 people die of an opioid-related overdose daily. Over 30,000 Americans died in 2015 because of an opioid overdose. We have this crisis in America today because pharmaceutical companies push these drugs on people and doctors overprescribe them. They’re highly addictive. People addicted to […]

Marijuana Possession Penalties in Miami, Florida

If you keep track of the news, you know that marijuana has been a topic of intense debate over the last year in Florida. Our criminal lawyers in Miami know this all too well. So what’s all the fuss? Presently marijuana is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance, meaning that the FDA doesn’t consider […]

Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL – Laws in Miami

If you’re facing drug possession charges in Miami, you may have an underlying drug problem you are unaware of. Most non-users don’t understand the real challenges drug addicts face on a daily basis. You may know people who are still under the assumption that drug addicts are simply lazy or weak-willed.

Of course the truth […]

Vaping and Hash Oils – Explained by a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Though the use of marijuana in the city of Miami – and throughout the entire state of Florida – remains controversial, using it on a medical or recreational basis has become more commonplace and more acceptable. In fact, the same can be said throughout the United States. At present time, medical marijuana has become […]

Synthetic Drug Laws in Florida – Criminal Attorney Miami

Synthetic drugs are being created all the time and for this reason it is difficult for law enforcement officers to keep up with the different variations of drugs that are available. However, there was recently a law passed that will apply to the different synthetic drugs that are now on the market and it […]

Options for Resolving Drug Possession Cases – Call a Criminal Attorney In Miami

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Miami, then you need to get in contact with a drug lawyer in Miami. Call a good Miami criminal law firm if you’ve gotten in trouble. You don’t want to chance anything on something so big as a drug crime. A minor possession charge can […]

Pulled Over and in Possession of Oxycodone? Seek the help of a Miami Criminal Attorney

Oxycodone (OxyContin) is an opioid pain medication and a schedule 2 drug in Florida. This means it is considered as having a high potential for abuse and is subject to severe restrictions in medical treatment.

It is therefore also illegal to be in possession of Oxycodone without a valid prescription and it is a third-degree […]