Research shows that marijuana can remedy some medical conditions and ailments. Below are ten ways that marijuana can be beneficial to your health!

1. THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana, can help stimulate appetite in people with cancer.
2. Marijuana can help ease symptoms associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as inflammation of the digestive tract.
3. Marijuana can decrease a person’s chances of developing bladder cancer. This research is based on an 11 year study that included 83,000 people.
4. Individuals who use marijuana have healthier levels of insulin than those who don’t use marijuana. This can be extremely beneficial to Diabetics who rely on insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.
5. Marijuana can help ease migraines.
6. Marijuana can also alleviate symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis such as spasticity and overactive bladder.
7. Marijuana can also treat nausea and inhibit vomiting.
8. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms can be eased with marijuana.
9. Studies show that marijuana eases neuropathic pain (burning sensations in the nerves).
10. Marijuana has also been used to treat seizures related to epilepsy.